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Features & Benefits彩6票app下载

  • Simple 3D Laser Positioning
  • One-man operation
  • Self-leveling
  • Wireless, license-free communication
  • Android phone or tablet controlled
  • Easy one-button setup

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Product Description彩6票app下载

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The Layout Navigator (LN-100) is a revolutionary layout tool design based on simplicity.  The LN-100 provides a jobsite 3D positioning for all your construction layout needs.  Topcon has blended the technology used for self leveling lasers and robotic total stations into LN-100.  The perfect tool for layout.

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The setup of the instrument is so simple that the real innovation is in the user interface.  A colorful touch screen tablet controller that can display simple point layout or large CAD drawings, is in your hand anywhere on the project site.  Simply see the design point or line that needs to be staked out, touch it, and the LN-100 immediately points to the location.  The LN-100 locks onto the prism and instructs the user which way to move to layout the new design point.
Layout anything on the job site within +/-3mm.  Walls, ceilings, and floor location layout can all be mastered with the LN-100.
Rugged and compact, the LN-100 is tough enough to be used in nasty construction environments.  The measurement technology is all enclosed, with a simple one grip handle.  Place the LN-100 anywhere and get started.  The controller interface will guide you step by step through the setup process.  Use existing control points to quickly setup.  Or establish new control to base all the remaining work.
Complete Solution
The LN-100 is one part of a complete Layout Solution.  Whether you are starting from paper plans or CAD models, this package is ideal for you to do your own construction layout and building.
Recommended System
  • LN-100, w/360 degree prism
  • Tesla Controller, w/Pole bracket
  • MAGNET Field Software
  • MAGNET Office Software
  • Field Pole, batteries, carrying case
Typical Applications
For more than 85 years Topcon has manufactured precise measurement tools and solutions.  Focusing on quality optics, precision GPS receivers, and dynamic user interfaces, Topcon is a leader in providing civil engineering, land surveying, BIM and geomatics solutions for all regions of the world.

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